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Babies and Children

I joyfully treat babies and children!  

As an acupuncturist, I use needles (when appropriate), pressure, shonishin, gua sha, cupping, and moxa to improve health and vitality.

As a chiropractor, I use gentle touch to restore proper alignment in the head and spine.  I incorporate craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation into my work.  

The kinds of issues that inspire parents to seek my help include developmental delays, movement disorders, digestive concerns such as colic, reflux and constipation, bedwetting, anxiety, headaches, pain, frequent colds or illness, and allergies, to name a few.

Special needs children are welcome.   

My child-specific training includes coursework in pediatric chiropractic and cranial manipulation, childhood neurobehavioral disorders, pediatric visceral manipulation, acupuncture, and shonishin.  I completed an acupuncture internship at the Children's Hospital of Orange Country, under the direction of Ruth McCarty, DACM.